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This authorization is made by and between Countrywide Construction, LLC (hereinafter “BluRoof”). referred to as The Contractor, and The Client hereinafter referred to as homeowner, grants The Contractor authorization to proceed with its recommended procedures to help preserve and mitigate from further damage the house located  the address listed in this submission form.

I authorize The Contractor to do all work it deems necessary for mitigation and/or repair including demolition if necessary to help preserve from further damage and not hold responsible for any pre-existing damage. I understand that this form constitutes a contract for services performed and acknowledge that temporary repairs do not carry and guarantee.

I authorize Contractor to supply information regarding the claim to my Insurance Company, and to make a full report of all work done by them. And I authorize my insurance company to share my claim information to The Contractor.

ASSIGNMENT: I hereby irrevocably and absolutely assign to Countrywide Construction, LLC all payments and proceeds payable by the insurance company for the mitigation work performed hereunder to The Contractor. I authorize my mortgage company, to pay all proceeds, payable under my Policy, directly due to The Contractor.

Payments shall be mailed directly to The Contractor’s office located at 2315 Florida St. Bldg 100 Mandeville, LA 70448 or hand-delivered to The Contractor’s representative only. It is fully understood and agreed upon that The Client is acknowledges responsible for any and all costs, charges, deductible, or depreciation for work to be done in order to properly tarp the roof if that work is not covered by insurance.

Stop Work-Hold Harmless: In the event that The Contractor is not allowed to perform its recommended procedures and the roof tarp stopped or removed prematurely, I AGREE TO RELEASE AND HOLD The Contractor harmless and indemnify The Contractor against any claims or actions that may result from such incomplete procedures.
DISCLAIMER: Even though BluRoof promises to use every diligent effort and means available to prevent damage, The Client acknowledges that BluRoof will not be held responsible for any damage done during mitigation. BluRoof will not be responsible for attempts to remove items which were damaged by fire, wind, water, vandalism or other traumatic occurrences, or items that were not damaged by the occurrence but had to be moved to start reconstruction. Any corrections made because of the above conditions are the Client’s responsibility along with any costs involved in correcting these conditions.


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